Nepal has strong root into handicrafts with generations involved in handicraft business. Malla regime, however, is the period that flourished the handicraft and handmade products of Nepal. Handmade products and handicraft work of artisans of Nepal has been praised around the world. The textile handicraft from Nepal: Pashmina, Dhaka, Hemp, woolen garments are popular worldwide whereas non-textile products: statues, Paper Lokta product, Terracotta, Wooden crafts, bead works and other metal craft are finest product you can find from Nepali producers. These products are the best for souvenir, gift or for your evergreen collection. is promoting the best handicrafts product from Nepal and supporting the artisans and brilliant Nepali art and crafts to the world. This web portal is your gateway to the treasure of Nepalese Handicraft products and Nepalese culture. We are at your service to meet your wish and choice from the Nepal market.

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